Can I do this when selecting a new MIDI track?

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So far I’m thrilled with Cubase 7. Forget the amazing Mix Console, the brilliant Chord Track and Chord Assistant.
I would of paid just for the text search for plugins … just brilliant and so time saving when you have 100’s pf plugins.

Anyway enough applause for C7 :slight_smile:

Q. When you have a MIDI track connected to an instrument in the VST rack and you want to overdub a new MIDI track using the same MIDI channel number, how do you do this easily.

At the moment I click below the current MIDI track and I do get a new MIDI track but it has been assigned the next MIDI channel number (ie if I was on MIDI channel 1 the new MIDI track is MIDI channel 2) is there any way on controlling this behaviour in C7 so that when you select a new MIDI track it is the same MIDI channel number as the previous one. At the moment I have to back to the inspector and manually change the MIDI channel back to 1 (or whatever the previous MIDI channel was)

It would really help my workflow, especially when programming drum parts, when you overdub kick then snare then HH all coming from the same kit patch.



Right Click and duplicate (unless there’s a macro).

OK if I right click and duplicate that works, but then I have to delete the duplicated MIDI data also, which still adds another task.

However, I had forgotten about macro’s, I will try to create a macro that is duplicate MIDI track and delete duplicated MIDI data, which should just leave me with a new MIDI track using the same MIDI channel as the previous track.

This is just about the only thing left over I miss from my migration from Logic a few years ago, in Logic you had key commands for,

New track same instrument - same MIDI channel
New track new instument

It’s a small thing, but they all add up to better workflow.

Thanks for your ideas


it’s easy - Duplicate tracks

Not trying to change the course of this thread but I have a quick question to ask. I currently have 2 different ways to get midi in. I have a 4 channel midisport and there is midi in on my MAudio Lightbridge interface. I was trying to run two seperate drum plugins and define 1 to accept midi in from channel A on the midisport and the other drum plugin to run from midi in on the lightbridge. I keep having a problem with both tracks being triggered from the same midi input. If I change drum plugin A to run from the midisport, then plugin B is also being triggered from the midisport. Same if I change plugin A to run from the lightbridge… Both drum plugins are set to run on midi channel 10. Do I need to put the kits on different midi channels even though they are supposedly being fed by two different midi inputs?

1st issue:
In case I want multiple the same channels I usually use duplicate track BEFORE I start recording. So there is no need to then having to delete the duplicated recorded data.
To further enhance my workflow I even created a key-command (Shift-D) for the duplicate track function. Works like a charm.

2nd issue:
On every MIDI and Instrument Channel you can specify the MIDI Input source. By default it’s “ALL MIDI INPUTS”’ but you can manually set 1 specific input on one MIDI channel and another on the next.

Hey bahama

Thanks for that some really good tips, I’ll make a short cut like you suggest, great idea.