Can I download a product several times?

Hello, I am new here and just today bought a Cubase Elements 7.
When I completed the purchase, it brought me to the “My Downloads” page where I had one file for mac and one file for windows.
But now after I have downloaded it, when I click again on “My Downloads” I have none of them in there, like I can not download it again.
And I am buying a new computer next month, so I would like to know whether I should keep the file I have already downloaded, or maybe it is possible to download it again any time.

And one more thing - If I activate the product on this computer, what will I have to do in order to make it work on my next computer? (I heard that it’s complicated)

Hello! And welcome to Cubase :wink: When I first bought and downloaded Cubase Elements 6 it was on an old computer. When I upgraded to a nice new laptop I was afraid it wouldn’t transfer over - and I can’t remember the exact details but I was able to transfer. The most action I had to take was buying an actual eLicenser from Steinberg and have it sent to me. I was able to transfer my “soft” license to the eLicenser so all I had to do is change which computer it is plugged into to transfer the license. As far as the download file goes… if you have the license technically all you have to do is copy the entire program file and stick it on the new computer in the appropriate place - find the cubase button and start it up (In this way you can if you had to run cubase off of a flash drive). For some reason or another (again - it was awhile ago) I either didn’t know this or I messed up the files and I couldn’t find a download again either. So I emailed Steinberg/cubase support of of an email I found on their website. It took awhile but eventually someone responded and actually gave me a link to where I could download it again…
So that is a fallback plan if you can’t get the files to transfer. The actual program downloadable files themselves aren’t protected in any way that I know of - you just need that license to open anything. Now I have upgrade to Artist 7 and I just got a box with CDs - but I hope my rambling helped you out in some way…

I am only suggesting options to try and make for the easiest transition for you:

License: if you can afford to, get a USB dongle (eLicenser hardware) and transfer your license to it. A bit of a pain perhaps, but I think it’s worth it (over a “soft” license). This way you can also install and run on a different machine if you wanted.

Software: presumably you still have the download? If so, transfer it to an external USB drive or maybe an external hard disk. This way you don’t have to request any additional downloads.

IMHO this is good advice.

That’s probably what I’m going to do.
I found out that it does’t work on winXP anyway, so i’ll have to wait for the new computer.
Thanks eveyone!

I don’t know what you are talking about - I made like 10 songs on winXP!

Whoa, Dude. This is the first post I’ve EVER seen saying that Cubase 7 works on XP.

Did you by any chance also have an earlier version (Cubase 6, or Cubase 5, for example) on the computer? Did downloading Cubase 7 mess up your ability to work on an earlier version?

Does everything work well (Cubase 7) on XP … VariAudio, etc.?

Can you post your specs please?

I am VERY interested in your experience … the more info the better please …


Actually it was Cubase Elements 6. Believe it or not the desktop was a 2000 dell and had 1 gig of ram - with 80 gigs of hard drive space. After like 5 tracks the sound would start glitching out and I would have to wait in faith - only working with a few soloed tracks at a time - that the export would sound good. There would be the occasional crash or freeze, but I made music with what I had…

(my whole upgrade from Elements 6 to artist 7 was on this newer laptop though)

Oh, ok, thanks for that.

I’ve got Cubase 6 working on the XP, but haven’t bought Cubase 7 because it seemed like no-one else had it working (I"m not an early adopter!).

Congrats on squeezing what you could out of that one though!