Can I download Dorico 2?

I have been using Dorico 2 exclusively on my MacBook without a dongle since I bought it. Unfortunately my MacBook has died so I need to install Dorico on my surface pro and unfortunately use a dongle. How do I do this please? My Steinberg shows that I have bought Cubase 10 and Dorico but only Cubase shows in the downloads? No Dorico?
How do I find Dorico to download? Can I use any Software key? I have the USB key from an old version of protools can I use that? I don’t want to use the same usb that has my Cubase 10 license on as if I lose it I lose everything.

You can download Dorico via the Steinberg Download Assistance which you can get from here:

Dorico can run with the Soft-eLicenser without the dongle, but then you can only use it exclusively on a single computer.
Having the license on a USB dongle, you can move the key around and use Dorico on several machines (though not at the same time).
But you can’t put the license on any USB key, it has to be a special Steinberg dongle, like the one you have for Cubase.
If you don’t want both licenses to reside on the same dongle, then you need to buy an extra one.

So where can I download Dorico 2 then? as I cant find it. I have already been using the software licence on my MacBook which is now not working…how do I transfer it to my Surface pro without having to use a dongle please.


You need to use the Steinberg Download Assistant (which Ulf linked to; the English page is here: if you’re wanting to download the full installer.
The Steinberg Download Assistant is particularly useful if you’re downloading the sound libraries, because it can pause and resume downloads (and it can pick up where it left off if your internet goes down, for example).

When you have the Download Assistant running, on the left side, where it says “Please select a product”, there is a list of all Steinberg products that can be downloaded. Dorico is also listed there and you need to click on the little triangle to get the full selection.

Regarding the license transfer, you need to go through the Reactivation process as described here:

When I try to open Dorico 2 I get a box saying - Please enter a licence activation code into the text fields below’…

where do I get this from please?

I never went through this process myself, but it says: “Click on [Reactivate] at the bottom of the Reactivation page.
The new activation code will be displayed and also be sent to you by mail.”

If that does not help you, please submit a ticket with our Support Team.

Now I just get -
A connection the license server could not be established because the license server is not available??? wtf is going on?

Maybe our server was down for some time or your internet connection broken for a moment. Please try again.