Can i download orig SX4 as I shifted to Bali & not the disc?

Hi guys.
I have recently relocated to Bali and cant find my disc.
I have a legitimate copy and only have the 4.52 update file and its asking for the disc.
The head office is in Jakarta and the language barrier plus terrible postage system is making things a nightmare here.

i have just done a fresh reinstall of my computer and a bit concered im going to be running into more issues!!
i have searched the site and not found a way to download! I would even consider upgrading to 5 or 6 if costs not to much and all do-able via downloading??

Any help appreciated!!

How many threads are you going to start on the same subject? This subject has been covered numerous times, try Search.

yeah i noticed i posted in the wrong section thats all dood, keep ya cool im just looking for some help not the forum policeā€¦ :slight_smile: