Can I edit an existing remote device configuration?

I’m using a Yamaha 01v96i as both audio device and controller with Cubase 10. It works beautifully but the one thing I seem to be missing is the ability to control Cubase cue sends. Aux 1 - 8 on the mixer access Sends 1 - 8 in cubase, but I’d like to be able to control the Cue mixes as well – it looks like the DM2000 can do this, by using Aux 9 - 12… which the 01v doesn’t have.

So, I’d be happy to give up control of Send 5 - 8 and remap these to Cue 1 - 4.

Is there a file somewhere I can edit to change the mapping of the factory 01V96i remote device? Or would I have to start from scratch and make a whole new generic remote? Everything else works so well that this seems like a pretty large hill to climb, so I’m hoping for a shortcut. I’ve searched for an xml relating to the 01V but with no success - so I’m guessing the factory ones are hard-coded, but hopefully someone can prove me wrong?

(the obvious workaround is to use aux sends to do cue, but Cubase has such nice functionality around the cue sends that I’d save this as a last resort!)


Hi and welcome,

As far as I know, Yamaha 01v96i is using own component, which you can’t edit.

You could prepare your own Generic Remote Device (what is a XML file), but I’m afraid you wouldn’t get so much functionality at the end. An it would definitely need some work.

Thanks Martin, that’s sort of what I figured.