Can I edit midi data without a mouse?

A bit of a noob question perhaps, but I’ll ask anyway.

I like editing all sorts of midi data in Dorico’s play mode, such as dynamics, vibrato, etc. Basically anything that can be assigned to a midi channel. But I’m not much of a mouse person, and drawing all those curves really cramps up my hands fast. So my question is, does Dorico support the use of hardware midi controllers? Something with sliders or turning knobs would be ideal.

Thanks for reading and for any replies!

Yes, MIDI controllers do work. You can use the expression wheel and the knobs and sliders from your midi keyboard if there are, or an external one — I use Nuances’ one.

I am not a good enough keyboardist to play music into Dorico along with a mod wheel or other knobs or sliders and expect it isn’t possible to use something like the Nuances controller or similar device to “draw in” CC lane info during playback after notes have been entered. If I am wrong in my assumptions, I would love to know.

You’re not wrong, this is exactly what I do. Beware though : it’s a little bit working blind. Dorico does not respond very well in real time to the cc tweakings (although it records them well) and you need to check afterwards whether your moves were ok or not… But once you get used to it, you earn time. And Dorico is still improving on this.

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Thanks @MarcLarcher. I most often use NotePerformer for playback and expect its inherent time delay would make it especially impractical to input CC data during playback. I suppose one could instead enter CC data while using HSO for playback, though.

I actually use my cc controller with libraries like vsl, spitfire, etc… When I record, I hear hiccups because Dorico is reading the previous cc values while I am inputting new ones, and the hiccups are caused by the lack of linearity between what was there and what I am changing. But once it’s recorded, it does play what I recorded over the calculated cc by Dorico before my cc recording. So everything is fine.

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