Can I edit recordings just on my laptop while travelling?

I’ll be off traveling in 3 days time and intended to spend some of my away time editing my recording. When I disconnect the hardware (Omega) from my laptop and then try to listen to tracks, I get no sound. I have tried changing the outputs (between RealTek and USB options) and it doesn’t make any difference even though it does when I’m recording. (The mute button is off, by the way.) I have also tried plugging in headphones and not, makes no difference.
Questions are:
Can I edit on laptop alone?
If so, any tips for sound?
:confused: (fingers crossed!!!)

Yes, generally you can edit and listen via laptop speakers or phones jack. If you can´t, you probably have not set up things correctly. You need to change driver and bus connections.

Much appreciated - good to know there is potential for me to get some work done.
Are the settings for driver and bus connections standard - as in, they could be posted here and I could adjust according to the information, or is it more variable than that?
If it is standard, I would hugely appreciate the specifics…
Apologies I’m a bit clueless with all this - on a steep learning curve!

Since you´ re not posting much info on your used system or software:
The driver is probably “generic low latency ASIO”. The bus connections then depend on the onboard soundcard and Laptop, but are connected in the VST connections window.
Alternatively you can try the “ASIO4all” driver which you need to download from the net, and configure accordingly.

Mega thanks,
I downloaded the driver and it works now.