Can I export audio mixdown to multichannel wav?

I’m trying to export my 5.0 surround mix directly to a multichannel wav - according to the “Exporting a surround mix” section in the manual I should have an option to “export to interleaved format”, however in the Export Audio Mixdown window I do not see this option, nor do I find this described in the “Export Audio Mixdown” chapter in the manual.
I’m new to Nuendo so maybe i’m missing something obvious?

I am managing to export split channels so at the moment I’m turning those into a quicktime surround in compressor which is not ideal for me.
If it can’t be done in Nuendo can anybody recommend a cheap and cheerful third party app that can interleave wavs?

If your output bus is a surround bus, your export will be a multichannel wave (unless you click “split channels”-option). No special option needed for multichannel.

of course - no option is an option too!

Let’s say that MultiBwav export is standard. By default.
When your multichannel BWav is meant to be re-imported by Protools or the Dolby DCP processor, you need to check the “don’t use Wave extensible Format” option.
For any other use, leave that option unchecked. That way, your Multichannel BWAV’s will always import with the correct channel destinations. When not checked, the channel destinations will be imported in numerical order, thereby ignoring (and screwing up) the correct channel destinations.