Can I export mp3s of individual parts?

I’m sure this has been asked and answered but none of the ways I tried to search for this resulted in anything relevant. Please don’t chastise me for not searching first (as I see on so many threads I’ve browsed).

I have a choral score and I would like to create separate mp3 files of each part so my chorus can practice their part. I was able to figure out how to export a score as an Mp3 but of course it exports the whole thing. Is this possible to do with Dorico? If so, can anyone give me a hint on how I can do it?

I’m very new - just starting a 30-day trial yesterday - and am eager to see if Dorico can do some of the things I’m hoping to use it for.


I think you’ll have to use the mixer (F3 key command / shortcut) and mute the instrument you don’t want, then use File > Export > Audio

I think you can also export audio for each layout, which will include only the players in that layout.

Thanks for these two suggestions. I’ll try the first one.

What I ended up doing last night was to make separate flows for each part and copying each part from the full score into its own flow. Then I can export all the flows as separate mp3s or just the one I want. John’s suggestion might be easier than mine, especially for a larger, more complicated piece.

Paul’s suggestion is very handy. Just choose the layout of what you want and then export.