Can I export the Listen bus?

I recorded several songs for an artist and played bass on the tracks. We’re going to play them live and I need to re-learn my parts. Anyway, the Listen bus is great for featuring my parts in the context of the song for educational purposes.

However, the Listen bus is just that - for listening. Is there a way the Listen bus can be directly exported?

I know there are other workarounds, including routing the bass to a separate group or using VCA faders. It’s just so easy to hit ‘L’ though without messing with the rest of the session.


if your audio interface allows it, you can, for instance, realtime-record the Listen bus using an audio track set to record the ‘what you can hear’ stereo pair. with RME interfaces, for instance, this is achieved by creating a software loopback where you send an output bus back to its corresponding input bus within the RME software’s mix matrix. that’s how i do it anyway. i use it for quick resampling. in more pro-sumer grade interfaces, this is usually even easier, and you are presented with a ‘monitoring’ stereo input among the other input sources in your vst connections pane.