can i get a new activation code for my elicenser?

Turned in my computer to get it repaired. When I got it back my cubase 5 had got unistalled.
So when i tried to reinstalle it found out that I can’t use activation code for the elicenser because it says it allredy been used.
So what do I do ? Can I get new one ?
Would be very thankful for some help.

sounds like a job for a support ticket. Nothing people on the board can help you with.

I have tried that and haven’t got an answer yet. So figured I come on here and se if could get some help .

You could maybe PM a mod. But, other users won’t be able to get you a code.

Cubase 5 “full” version with USB-eLicenser?

Doubtful … if he had a soft license it wasn’t full C5.

Yes !

Then you don’t need an activation code. Just plug the dongle back in and install the software.