Can I get a second license for my notebook computer?

I often travel and would like to be able to run Cubase on my notebook computer without the dongle. Can I get a licence that is locked to that computer?

I’m very afraid of carrying the dongle with me because there’s a lot of software tied to it. Using it while traveling would require that I constantly insert and remove it, so the potential for damage and/or loss is quite high.

Thanks in advance,


Cubase Elements.

To prevent the damage just buy a USB extension cable, connect your dongle to it and wrap the dongle into multiple layers of protective material. And when it comes to loss: you should protect your dongle the same way you protect your wallet and credit cards. If you loose them often … well …

If you can’t make do with Cubase Elements (as a non-dongle solution), you could move your Cubase license to another dongle - without all the other licenses that you’re concerned about, so you don’t put them at risk by carrying them around unnecessarily.

I think Elements will probably work - I’ll give that a shot. Have you folks ever had any problems transferring projects between elements and the full version? Obviously plug-ins won’t transfer if they’re not on both machines, but what about VSTi’s that are on both machines? Any issues there?

Thanks for the ideas!