Can I get chord suggestions based on a midi track?


I Wonder if it is possible to get the chord track to come up With suggestions based on a midi track I have written first?

Like if I have composed a killer base melody. Would it then be possible to get chords sugested based on an analyze of that particular track?

I know that chord track analyzes the chords before or/and after and makes sugestions based on that. And It can also change a melody line to harmonise With the chord track. But is it possible to do it the opposite way?

Would appreciate all answers!


ole marcus


You can make a Chord Track (events) from the MIDI data, but not from the single melody.

Thank You so much for taking time to answer! Does that mean that my bassline which are in midi btw can be used?

I mean can chord track follow and adapt to the midi track. or is it just the other way around? Just to have it Clear, i am not talking about a bassline in audio but in midi and monophonic. the basetrack also have all the parts in key.

I have read and read and watch hundreds of vids on this but no one have been able to give me an answer.

so thank you again!

And I will thank you even more if you share some light on this. I am a betatester for cubase and if it’s not a posibillity I will definately make a suggestion to improve on that-- if it can’t though.

ole marcus


I’m sory, I didn’t write it clear.

You cannot make a Chords out of the melody or Bass line (i.e. out of the monohonic MIDI data). To be able to make a Chord Track Events from MIDI, you need to have a Chords in the MIDI track. THese Chords are then translated to the Chord Track events.

So, there is no way, for your scenario. I’m sorry.

OK. Then at least I know and don’t have to look around anymore. :slight_smile:

Thank you againg so much for taking the time to answer! I really appreciate it! <3

–>martin jirsak<-- such a Nice guy! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ps- but it is something I will definately mention for the Developers in the alpha/beta testing forum! :slight_smile:

sinc. ole

You can post it to the Feature Request forum.

yes there too. :slight_smile:

But since i am already a beta/alpha tester for Stenberg we have our own closed forum were these suggestions can be posted. And I think they take those suggestions maybe more serious since they have asked us for this. Like in the Production of cubase 9 we had an important role in what to do With the daw in terms of capabilities and possibilities. :slight_smile: