Can I get cubase 5 for free if I own 7.5??

I want to run an older version of cubase on another computer. Can I get it from steinberg with no charge? I also would have to buy another dongle right?

If this is possible how would I go about getting cubase 5 and the dongle?

I thought I read that you can download Cubase versions alright, and use them on the same machine as the higher version under the same license/dongle, but you have to pay full price for a 2nd license to use on a separate machine.

I have no actual experience with this, again just what I thought I read.

you can use any cubase version belowe the licence you own. (I try it)

You can run any version of Cubase below your registered version on any number of computers PROVIDED that you plug the dongle into the computer that you are using.

For one person, this is fine. Cubase on more than one computer simultaneously requires extra registered versions and dongles.

OK, I own Cubase Essentials 5 and Cubase Elements 7 with both licenses on the same dongle.

What Cubase version below my two registered versions can i download from Steinberg ?