Can I get Cubase LE if I already own a full version of Cubase?

I’ve owned Cubase Pro (or equivalent) for a while (since version 4). With my current setup being much more portable, I’d really like to run Cubase LE on my laptop for very simple midi recordings. My laptop isn’t that powerful and has limited USB slots, so I believe this would work better.

Is it possible for owners of Cubase Pro (or other “higher” levels of Cubase) to get a free copy of Cubase LE to use on an auxiliary machine? …Or do I have to buy a new interface to get Cubase LE?

I assume Cubase LE does not require a dongle/USB key, is that right?

Cubase LE isn’t available by itself – you would have to source an interface or product. It ships with various hardware released by Steinberg and also other manufacturers such as Tascam and Zoom etc. In fact, I think the Steinberg hardware all ships with AI and other brands have the LE version. The hardware comes with a download access code in the documentation that allows you to activate a version of LE or AI.

The other option is to buy a copy of Elements which can do more than LE/AI but less than Pro or Artist and doesn’t need a dongle.

Thanks for the information! I was a little afraid of that. I already have the interfaces and other gear I need and unfortunately those items weren’t bundled with Cubase software. I will have to see if there is a product bundled with LE/AI that is cheaper than the Elements list price. I’d rather not spend $100 just to record midi on my portable auxiliary gear if I don’t have to.

On that note, if anyone has any suggestions on a inexpensive products (<$100) that should include a Cubase download code, I’d be happy to hear them!