Can I get normalized view without destroying the sound?

I’m new to WaveLab Pro, can’t I just get a wave view that is easy on the eyes?

I want the peak positive value to be the first pixel line, and (no DC offset assumed) the peak negative value to be the last pixel line in that track view (in multi-track / montage view, or if needed in single-track view).
Just as big as possible, easy on the eyes.

Tried to click the Zoom / magnifier icons. Doesn’t work, it zooms into the whole montage view. Hopefully I don’t need any modifier key?

Can’t get it to display the wave clips in big, so I try to normalize each track, or if that is not possible, the whole montage.

Montage normalize dialog is complicated (psycho-acoustic stuff? keeping tracks same relative relative volume level?), I try everything there is and either it does nothing or it results in clipping.

I don’t get it. Missing Audacity.

I am not sure this is what you are looking for but … if you double click the tab of the file it will change the view to most of screen. Double clicking it again restores the view.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, this helps. Also I discovered the 3Dish wheel that you can drag and it zooms the wave bigger vertically. I missed that because dragging a wheel is the last thing I want to do to get a normalized view.

I use SHIFT and my mouse scrollwheel up or down to zoom in vertically on waveforms.

(didn’t know the shift helps)

I have now (in Windows 10) enabled the “turn off notification area clean up” group policy object, which means the sticky keys feature makes sense (Microsoft has probably not yet fixed this, they clean up their own icon for an accessibility feature).

I like the sticky keys mode where one key press makes the key stay pressed.

In the end it’s done like this: Press shift key. Relax… do nothing… scroll mouse wheel, WaveLab zooms. Press shift key again to release the shift key.

This way is pleasant.

(A “vertically normalize view” short-cut would be nice. I don’t really know what I will put in the montage track anyway, so I would just hit that short-cut key whenever I need it.)