Can I get ramp points from the mod wheel controller data?

When I use my mod wheel to control dynamics for a VST instrument Cubase puts in step points, even though I have Ramp selected as the type for new controller events.

How do I get ramp points from the mod wheel?

Cubase 12.



Do you record or draw the Modulation MIDI Events, please?

I am recording the mod wheel movements.


The recorded data are always in the Step mode.

Is there some reason it cannot be ramp? I understand that the values are discrete, but it would be nice if Cubase had the option to allow those to be set as ramp points.

Also, is it possible to change selected points from one type to another? That would be useful as well.

You can do that from the info line of the editor. Select the modulation data, and then scan the info line for where it says “Step”. Click or use or scrollwheel over that, and the steps will be replaced by ramps.


I see. Thanks for that.