Can I get rid fo my dongle

I think I remember reading somewhere in an earlier post that it is possible to get a virtual dongle for Cubase or at the very least to be able to transfer the license to a eLicenser. Can someone direct me, please?

Thanks in advance.



it is not posible to transfer a license from the USB eLicenser to a “Soft eLicenser”. More FAQ#s can be found here



Correct me if I’m wrong but only the smallest version (AI?) works with the soft dongle.

Soft dongle… hehe

I´ll do so: Element 6 also works with a soft eLicenser

I stand corrected :slight_smile:

Hi tuneguy -

You can certainly get rid of your dongle.

Please send it to me at the following address… :smiling_imp:

LOL!!! Good one.