Can I have a duplicate dongle?

Just wondering - is it possible (and permissible) to buy a blank dongle and programme it with the same licences as on the one I already have? I don’t like the idea of taking my laptop out to a client’s, or on location, without a backup in case of accidents - after all, everything else is backed up. I’d rather be prepared - if a key got trashed in the middle of a job - and not have to wait days (weeks?) for a replacement.

I can see there might be issues on Steinberg’s part, so maybe a blank dongle could have the licences transferred to it via the internet in the event of an accident which voids the original one? At least that way you could carry on after a few minutes…




Look in the Knowledge Base re: 25 hr. license.

Also, things have changed and Steinberg will renew lost/ stolen licenses as long as you’ve registered at MySteinberg.

Thanks for the reply. The 25 hour licence isn’t the answer here, but I found the following in the knowledge base:

Please make sure to have all keys registered in MySteinberg so that the key number is known. Without a MySteinberg account and a USB-eLicenser registration, no replacement is possible.
Now, in case the USB-eLicenser has been lost or stolen, please contact your local support for further information on how to proceed.
It might make sense to have an empty spare USB-eLicenser at hand as we only replace the licenses stored on the lost/stolen key (if all preconditions are met).

So it seems it’s a good idea to have a spare dongle after all.

Re: Can I have a duplicate dongle?for my cubase 7

If not just needing a back up, but if you have a real need … you can always buy a 2nd license. Steinberg will be more than happy to take your money :wink: