Can I have control over transposing in Dorico after importing from Cubase


I have imported a four part brass composition from Cubase 10.5 into Dorico Elements. When I wrote it, I was unsure of the ‘transposing instrument’ requirement, so I kept all my parts in concert pitch (B flat major). Now it is in Dorico, it seems as if I’m stuck with the choice of ‘Concert Pitch’ or ‘Transposing’ - with no control over what the transposing intervals should be.

Is this a situation which can be can be corrected at this point, or do I have to go back to the set up, and chose the ‘players’ by ‘transposing instrument’ (i.e. not use the imported MIDI voice choices) before importing the ‘notes’.

The parts are for;
Trumpet B flat
Horn E flat
Horn B Flat
Tuba B flat (which I believe need to be written an octave above the ‘sound’ in order to keep the notes on the staff.)

I think, therefore, that the written parts for B flat instruments need to be in C major, and the E flat Horn part should be written in G major.

If there is help somewhere for this, I would appreciate a link as I can’t find much information about importing from Cubase.

Thanks Keith

Keith, you can reset the instruments from Setup mode, which will reset the instruments’ transpositions.

Thank you so much for replying so quickly, but I have looked again at the set up and cannot see an option to reset the instruments - other than simply to rename them. (I have 'Elements ’ only). Can you explain further please?


In set up mode player list, click on the player arrow to see the instrument that he is holding. Then click on the arrow beside the instrument to re-assign it.

Here’s a screenshot: