Can I have dorico bring up standard multis in Halion 6?

Just curious, since I bought the full halion, I am wondering if I can have the standard multis open in this instead of halion sonic se. I am referring to the fact that if I choose an orchestral type project to create, it will open with one or more instances of halion sonic with instruments pre-loaded and mapped to the appropriate tracks. I would be glad to edit an xml file to do this, if that is pointed out to me. Thanks for your consideration.

No, as yet you cannot use full HALion in this way, but it’s something we plan to address in a future version.

Thx for prompt and authoritative answer. The thing I would really like here is 64 midi channels, so if you can get your brethren at cubase to give you a 64 channel halion se, that would do it for me as well.

ps. When I say authoritative, I mean trusted to be accurate.

I don’t think that, from a performance/resources point of view, there’s much difference between four instances of HSSE3 and one instance of HALion 6, for what it’s worth.