Can I have multiple AISO drivers activated at once?


I am running Cubase 5 and I have a Yamaha N8 digital interface/mixer. I also have an old Edirol FA-66. Maybe this isn’t possible, but what I am trying to do is utilize my FA-66 as a separate headphone device so I can have a couple of independent musician mixes. I can connect the n8 and FA-66 via Firewire. My initial thought was to have the ability to SEND Cubase tracks to the FA-66 outputs, but this is where I get hung up. It appears I can’t have multiple AISO drivers active at the same time. Anyone have any suggestions?


Cubase only supports one ASIO device at a time. But you can always use ASIO4ALL ( which can combine multiple audio interfaces under one ASIO driver. This of course comes with penalty of increased latency, so it’s only a workaround. So your best bet is to get a single audio interface, which has all functionality of both N8 and FA-66.

Thanks Jarno. Thats what I was afraid of…but no big deal. Thanks again.