Can I have some help on using multiple audio programs please

Hello, I have the problem where I can only hear sound from the first program I open, I’ve downloaded ASIO4ALL and selected it in devices setup. Out 1 and 2 are currently set to Realtek HDA SPDIF Out 1/2. Realtek HD Audio output is displayed as currently in use by another program.
It’s a bit of a nightmare to be honest, as I can’t view tutorials and use Cubase at the same time.


I doubt you will be able to get multiple programs playing audio simultaneously on a realtek audio chip.
An ASIO driver on PC is generally only accessible by one program at a time.

Set Cubase to release asio driver in background & it will grab the driver whenever you select it & let it go when you select the tutorial player…it’s not like you would want to leave the tutorial running while you use Cubase.

I got it thanks. I just changed to ASIO Direct X… and even when I have the setting you suggested selected I can play sounds from other sites just fine, I done the same thing a while back, but nothing happened. Maybe I didn’t have ASIO4ALL set up properly, but I guess what’s happening now, is Cubase is using the Direct X 1, and all the rest are on ASIO4ALL. Delighted now anyway, it was a proper headache. Now I can enjoy what I do :mrgreen: