Can I have the old forum back please?

Is there a way of showing the forum in the way that it used to ?

a la “classic view” or something?

I can’t get my head around this new thing at all.


Discourse is a well-established and widely used discussion platform which will serve us well for the future. I can recommend following the Discourse New User Guide if you’re feeling disorientated.

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Bare with it , it’s pretty good once you spend a little time with it , i think it’s a good move , your not just restricted to viewing one categoryat a time :wink:

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Is there any planning changes to exist forum, or it will stay in this condition for long period ?

We will continue to evolve this forum as we tweak the settings of Discourse, exploring and discovering new plugins or enhancements.

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Multiple tags would be good along with a lovely Full English fry up for us early birds :laughing: :smiley:


Please change the main forum post font from ‘Bitter’ to ‘Work Sans’, both already installed on the platform. Serif fonts are harder to read for some of us with impaired sight. The font already installed ‘Work Sans’ will work great for all! Thanks :slight_smile:


Revert revert. This is going to be a disaster.


Nice to post a thread , and have it instantly lost.
Whoever thought this up is one job too many in your office.

I think the critics should give this some time.

To me some things are worse, but definitely some things are much better. Really the two things to consider are;

  1. Steinberg won’t revert this, so we’ll have to deal with it. The sky isn’t falling, it isn’t a disaster, it’s a different interface for communication is all. A disaster is when, oh, I don’t know, say a virus hits your town and people get really sick…

  2. In the cases where we get annoyed over changes and feel things are worse - can we do anything to make those things better? I think the answer is ‘yes’. Seems we’re now dealing with ‘tags’ instead of ‘sections’. So, if we miss sections (like I do) then the solution is to learn how to use tags as a poster and reader.

Let’s give this some time and see how it goes…

PS: I’m an old grouchy cynical fart that was “old-ish” already when social media started happening, and even I am ok with giving this a chance…


I think the thing I miss most is being able to see every forum and sub-forum on one page without any scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

I was in the habit of marking all forums read before logging out whenever I had reviewed all posts of interest. Next time I logged in I could easily see if any forum/subforum of interest had any new topics.

I don’t like this new format and most likely will be shying away. Much to the pleasure of many, I’m sure. :speak_no_evil:


I completely understand… I’ll be shying away as well!

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Sometimes I think programmers just get bored and need to justify their own existence or something. Changes happen so often that are 25 steps backwards just to make 3 steps forward, and this forum update is a perfect example…

Trying to navigate around to various forum categories is now almost impossible. Maybe I will eventually find it better, but at the moment I think it sucks.


I prefer the new forum.

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Yep, this looks like its primarily targeting the smart phone user but not in a cool way. Harsh for the eyes as well.


I think this is an "old dog new tricks " case , i was confused with it at first , really didn’t like it but it’s growing on me really well , like everything in the tech world ,you have to move with it .


This is a terrible forum system, it is less easy to approach and to read, it is cartoonish and silly. It makes it easier to highlight content the company wants highlighted, and easier to hide content they don’t.

It doesn’t matter to me that Discourse is widely used. Facebook and Botox is also widely used, and I don’t think I need to qualify my criticism there.


And the icing on the cake??

The spam posts! Have you seen them?? They stay up for hours sometimes, exposing registered users to all manner of inappropriate content.

I posted about this in another thread but oddly… An anonymous admin or mod deleted the comment - another fun aspect of the steinberg forums.

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I personally review and remove a lot of spam posts. Discourse’s tools for dealing with spam are a lot easier to use than phpBB’s and we’re continuing to tweak the settings to reduce the number that slip through.

As I said in the post that was deleted, I’m a 30 year net/sysadmin. I’ve used and administered phpbb as well as various other collaboration sites, BBS, etc. It isn’t that hard to manage spam posts, and link spam from brand new accounts is usually the easiest to stop. I’m confused. Why aren’t you stopping new user accounts from making posts with links in them as their first post again?

I don’t recall floods of spam posts in phpbb. But these tools are better?

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