Can I have track quick controls and Midi CC on the same midi controller?

I just bought a Korg Nanokontrol 2 and programmed the last 3 faders to work with midi cc (CC7, CC1, and CC11) just fine. But I can’t seem to use the remaining knobs/faders to do quick controls for my 3rd party audio insert plugins like Output Portal. Is this possible?

I also bought a Behringer touch mini and quick controls won’t work at all. I’m wondering where the issue is coming from? The native controller editor, or Cubase? How do I get quick controls to work with any midi controller?

Hopefully, somebody can help and I apologize if this is a repeat post. I tried searching for answers but I came up short.


Yes, it is possible. Why you can’t use them, please?

Hard to guess… Could you share your settings screenshots please?

You can set the MIDI Input to Any MIDI Port. But then you have to make sure, you send the very same MIDI CCs from all hardware controllers.

Hi Martin, thanks for all of your responses, I’ll be a Cubase wiz in no time. But here are the screenshots specifically for my Korg Nano Kontrol 2. I successfully managed to program the midi CC’s that I wanted but I’m having hard time connecting it to quick controls. I want to use the first 5 faders on the nano along with all the knobs on the top for quick controls. I tried disabling them in the Korg editor as well as picking unassigned midi channels. Nothing seems to work. Did I set this up correctly?


In the Studio Setup > Track Quick Controls, set the MIDI Input to the Korg Nanokontrol. Then set the addresses to 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, as it is on your hardware, or use the Learn function.

So I did try the learn function and it wasn’t working. I’ll try again tonight. Do I have to add a “generic controller” or Mackie? Sorry, newbie question there. Not sure what the differences are.


First make sure the MIDI Input is set correctly, please.

No Generic Remote or Mackie in this case.