Can I hide verse numbers in one flow that has only one verse?

Hi everyone,

I have a few flows (hymns) in one project where some hymns have multiple verses so verse numbers are turned on. However, one flow has only one verse and does not need the “1.” to appear on each line like the other flows. How can I hide the verse number in the flow with only one verse?

If I can fix the above problem this next issue will become moot. A hyphen at the beginning of a line is on top of the verse one number. I remember I’ve been able to move other hyphens in engrave mode, but with this one, I can drag the hyphen out of the way but then it snaps back to it’s default position and won’t be moved.

I think we can’t change verse numbering settings on a per flow basis.
You could use a chorus line for this particular hymn. Verse numbers are not shown on chorus lines. Just select all the lyrics and tick ‘Chorus’ in the properties panel. You’ll probably need to change the chorus lyrics font style so it matches the regular lyrics.

Thank you Fkretlow. In something like a songbook or hymnal project, it is necessary to be able to show or not show verse numbers per flow. Please add this functionality to your list of improvements. Many thanks.

You will be able to nudge hyphens at the start of the system in the next update.

Perhaps a more elegant approach would be a global option like ‘show verse numbers only when there’s more than one verse’?

This is an excellent idea! Hope it is implemented!