Can I hook up my UR22 up to an analog compressor?

I want to run my 1 mic mono drum recording through a Roger Mayer 456 before the signal gets to Cusbase. I think I can do this but I wanted to confirm how.

I would:

  1. Play drums, recording with 1 mic
  2. Run mic XLR to the mic/line input 1
  3. Connect a TRS cable to the line output 1
  4. run the TRS cable through the Mayer 456
  5. Plug TRS back in at mic/line input 2
  6. USB to Cubase
  7. Hope and pray that I it works

Is this a possible set-up? Attached is a diagram as well…

there is vst tool from presonus called pipeline,i think thats what you need,but i dont know is that thing awailible for other daws than studio one