Can I Ignore all external Content on Nuendo Launch?

Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Nuendo 13 / Mac Pro M1 Pro laptop ( usually )

I keep nearly all my instrument content/SFX etc on an external SSD. I was away from home with my laptop without the content drive, and launched Nuendo. As expected it wanted to know where the content files were . Fair enough … but it seems I was expected to “Ignore” each and every content library individually. I have too many for this to be reasonable!

Is there a way to avoid this ? I’m thinking there might be a way to “Ignore All” missing content, or a way to launch Nuendo ( key press ? ) that prevents it from searching for libraries?

Thanks in advance


I will probably not answer your question directly. My reply is more in workaround direction.

You could put aliases of all your libraries to the internal drive and tell the Steinberg Library Manager that the libraries are on the internal drive.

The aliases should work in case the external drive is connected and they should not harm, if the drive is disconnected.

Btw, I’m afraid, there is no Ignore All option, sorry.

Great suggestion thanks!

It never occurred to me that an alias would fool Nuendo into thinking the content was available! I’ll give it a try.