Can I INSERT audio?

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum. On Cubase LE4, is there a way to copy a bar of audio and INSERT it into the middle of a song so that all audio will automatically move 1 bar to the right, making a longer song? What I mean is, I want to ADD a part into the middle of the song. I don’t want to SUBSTITUTE a part. I want to insert a part into the song without copying over anything else. I’m trying to avoid having to slice each track, move each track one bar to the right (making a space), then copying and pasting the parts into the spaces. This is the long way of doing things. I used to have the INSERT PART command on my old Yamaha AW4416 where you could do this quickly. I could just select the part, then tell the computer where to insert the part, and press enter. All audio would move towards the end of the song, automatically making space for the inserted part, making a longer song.

I hope this is clear, LOL.

Thank you very much.


  1. Set the Left and Right Locators to the range where you want your inserted space.
  2. Edit -> Range -> Insert Silence.
  3. Enjoy your silence.
  4. Add some noise.
  5. Start reading the manual.

Thank you for your response. So, the only way to do this is to first create the space, then add in the audio. So it still has more steps than what I was looking for, but I guess it’s better than what I was doing. As far as step 5, :laughing: I did read the manual, but a command going by the name of “Insert Silence” isn’t the most intuitive name for a command used for the insertion of Audio. Calling it “Insert Audio” would make more sense, but maybe that’s just me. I love Cubase, but some of the jargon it uses doesn’t communicate it’s usage very well. This is unfortunately highly typical.

Thank you again!


You could have a look at the Paste Time function!

Some of us still use MIDI devices too. :slight_smile: