Can I install AI 6 on 2 computers ?

Hi I have Cubase AI 6 that came with my Yamaha MX 49. I have two computers I work with , My home PC where I create everything and my Live PC where I play all my projects with a band.

Thanks, Rick

Only if you use a eLicencer.

That is a USB eLicenser, you need to use a (soft)eLicenser anyway.

yeap yeap the USB one.

Just remember, if you pass the licence from soft to USB it’s no way back…

So after I put it on the flash drive I would need the E license USB flash drive plugged into use each computer to use Cubase ?

You can only put it onto a USB eLicenser, which is not a standard flashdrive. But yes, you then need the USB eLicenser attached on the computer you are using Cubase.