Can I install Nuendo 3 AFTER Nuendo 6?

Hi All,

Okay, I know that N3 is like from the stone age, but I was one of the few people around here for which N5/N5.5 never worked all that well - too many session-stopping bugs for me, and I had skipped N4. So I’ve been working mostly in N3 and still have many projects to finish up, and I feel too lost on N6 to work well or quickly.

I’ve got N6 installed as a 32bit on Win7 64, and it seems to be working fine. I then tried installing N3 but it was a complete no go. I have the newest eLicenser driver installed. It was the exact same issue as this Cubase user encountered here:

Their fix was to rollback the eLicenser to ver - which is no longer available in the archives (only from August 2010 is available)- install Cubase SX3 - then reinstall the current eLicenser.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? Messing with the eLicenser sounds like VERY scary stuff to me and I am very reluctant to do it. I’m afraid that I’ll wind up with a machine that won’t run ANY version of Nuendo, and I can’t afford any down time right now.

As it stands, I can use N3 by rolling my machine back to XP/N3 from a disc image - I was on XP before upgrading to Win7 and N6 at the same time - but as you know, XP won’t allow N6. I would really love to have both versions on one machine so that I can use N3 as I learn N6.

Any input would be appreciated.


Is there no way that you can use N4.3? I have both N4 and N6 working fine on W7, and as your licence for N6 covers the use of N4, you should be able to d/l a full install from the Steinberg ftp.


Hi DG,

Thank you for your reply.

Hmmmm … maybe.

But N5 was such a showstopper on my machine - disappearing plugins, rendered songs missing instruments that seemed to be playing fine before rendering, needing to reboot, that I’m a bit afraid of N4. I believe that it shares much with N5 - the quantum leap was between N3 and N4.

Also, I don’t want to start working with clients and think that things are humming along only to find in the middle of a session that one of the above bugs has reared its head. Unfortunately for me, these bugs came and went on an irregular basis - so there’s no way to know if an install is working properly until many hours/days are put in. And if an install is not working, I will lose any work I did in N4 as once it is saved, N3 can’t properly open it up again.

N4 was a bit of a disaster when it was released, and I stuck to N3 for a long time. However, 4.3 is the best version of Nuendo that I have ever used. I found N5 (tested at someone else’s studio) was pretty dreadful, so just stuck to N4.

I understand your trepidation, but if you want to use N3 successfully, I don’t think you should be using W7.


Ah - I see. That is helpful to know.

Thanks for the follow-up!

Well I was all convinced that N4.3 was the way to go … and so I go to download N4.3 from the archives only to find that only the patch/upgrades are available, which are useless unless you have the original install, which I don’t since I had skipped N4.

So now that puts me back to my original question: do any of you good folks have an opinion about temporarily rolling back the driver for the eLicenser as mentioned in this Cubase post??: It seems that it may indeed allow an install of N3, but on the other hand it sure is a bit scary as it also seems that one could screw up their licensing and wind up with a machine that won’t run ANY version of Nuendo.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


If you want any of the ISO installers drop me an email or a PM.