Can I install SE, in order to go back to a more limited start with Dorico - SE?

Hello, I have been following the amazing developments of Dorico, and have upgraded the software as it becomes available.

However, I must admit that I am totally out of my depth : there possibilities capabilities of Dorico are now more than I can manage.

Can I install Dorico 5 SE, and start with just this version, and gradually work upwards ? I know it is possible that starting 5 Pro with some keys it is possible to have SE, but I would be happier if I could just use the limited version - SE - on its own. Is this possible ?

No, you have to press the appropriate key combination to start Dorico SE. The reason is following: When you install Dorico, you always install the maximum version so to say, that is Dorico Pro. Depending on the license you have Dorico will then start up as SE, Elements or Pro. And it will always look for the “best” version that is around. So if you have a Pro license it will start up as Pro. If you want to use it as SE, you need to force it by holding that key combination during launch.

In daily use, I don’t think you’d find Dorico SE easier to use than Dorico Pro: the two versions look more or less the same (Dorico SE is missing Engrave mode completely, but you can simply avoid clicking that button in Dorico Pro if you don’t want to engage with it).

Perhaps you could say a little about the area or areas in which you feel out of your depth, and we should be able to help you become more comfortable with those things.

Thank you - what combination of keys will start as SE - I have this somewhere, but cannot find it.

Double-click the Dorico icon and immediately hold down CTRL/CMD until the splash screen (or hub) appear.

At the same time, I agree with Daniel that you might as well use Pro; starting with SE will likely not help.