Can I install without a disc drive

I have been using a copy of cubase 8.5 for a while now, but just bought a new computer without a disc drive. My question is this, can I download cubase 8.5 and still run with my usb dongle, without using the cds to install? Any help would be very welcome. Thanks

I’m curious : what is the computer, actually, and how could you do any download if there isn’t any valid storage device to receive it ? Seems rather like a terminal to me…

AFAIK, no, you cannot install Cubase (no matter the version) if there isn’t, at least, a drive that could be recognized as the boot one (mapped as C:, on a Windows based system, but I guess that an equivalent is required for any MacOS based one). Beside this, yes, you can download and install C8.5 without the CDs. Check here :

…BUT you need, at least, a valid storage unit recognized by your system as the main one. And no, the USB e-Licencer dongle isn’t able to be used as so, AFAIK.

I think he means no cd/dvd drive.
Go to the main steinberg site and download from there.

Ha ! OK. The more I’m browsing the forum, the more I stumble on terminology issues…

Guess that I should have automatically translated “disk drive” to “CD/DVD drive” at first… :grinning:

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