Can I join Two flows together as one flow?

I accidentally deleted a segment of a project that I was working on. However it is saved in another project. I know that I can import it as a flow into the original project I was working on but I would like to know if I can actually join The two of them together as one? That would mean no flow separation from one flow to the next. Just one flow. Is it possible to do that?

No way to merge flows. But, assuming the instrumentation is the same, it is a trivial task just to copy the old material back in. (Use the system track to make the selection, so all system objects are copied too)

System track? I’m not sure what that is, could you please go into a little more detail for me? The instrumentation is exactly the same. I really appreciate your response. thanks.

It’s the (barely visible) line above the top stave which shows ghostly bar numbers. Toggle it on and off with Alt-t and you will see it. When you click on it, it goes orange.

Click the track for the 1st bar you need to copy, and shift-click the last bar. Then (most important) click the little box in the last selected bar. This will select everything…all notes and all system objects (time signatures, key changes, system text etc). Copy (ctrl-C) and Paste (ctrl-V) wherever you want. If you are pasting into the middle of a flow, make sure insert (I) is on and Dorico will make space. If it’s going at the end, just select the final barline and paste (Dorico will extend the flow).

You don’t even need to be working in the same document - you can copy and paste between documents. And if it appears to go wrong, just undo!


Thank you so much! I will try this!

FYI, it worked great! Thank you so much again!