Can I Just Breathe - Wyatt Earp :)

Hey fellow Steinberg users

I used to frequent this board often but had a mystical brain drain :blush: and forgot my access info. Resorted to a new email to get me back on line!!
Thought I’d share a song of mine I wrote about wanting to break the chains of conformism and just general life crap that ties us down.
The songs called “Can I just Breathe”

Comments and critics are welcome, would liketo know what you think!

Cheers, Chris :slight_smile:

Great song, no doubt about that, great guitar playing and sound…just found the Vox a bit hard on the ears on the loud parts, as if it was boosted around the 5000hz area…forgive if I’ve got that wrong :blush: but I’m sure you know what I mean, it’s like …too much “air” but hey…loved the song :slight_smile:


Hi Kevin

Long time man!! Yeah this mix is fairly old now, I will have a look at it and see if there’s any deliberate boost around 5k. I fully understand what you mean. Not sure if its happened to you but when you start mixing and you know nothing, you throw up EQ boost’s like they going out of fashion :laughing: . I go back now and listen to my old mixes and I’m like gaaaad damn :unamused: :laughing: I tend now to be very lenient with my boosting, thats if I boost at all.
I find 2500k in vocals very harsh and cut around this area to blend the vocal into the mix. Have you noticed this with your own mixes?

Thanks for the review and hope you well and still rocking!!

Cheers, Chris


This is an old recording but a revived mix I did of this song… Let me know what you think and if I’m on the right track. :wink:



Wow…excellent song and really good Vox sound, snare sounds great also, your a good writer…no doubt about that!!!

the OOoo’s were a bit hissy but other than that it’s just brilliant…Kevin :slight_smile:

Really excellent stuff great to have you back! really like the vocal echo - the weaving between guitar and vocals on verses! Clever way to start tune also. As was said the mix (including guitar) are very brittle sounding which make it difficult to appreciate how great track is. Mastering issue or EQ?
Good stuff

Well, glad you’re back, and thanks for posting that cool tune. Like your guitar playing!