Can I line up the 1.2 in the saxes with the 1.2 in the brass?

Can I line up the 1.2 in the saxes with the 1.2 in the brass?

Have you imported this project (or part of it) from anywhere else?

Can you attach the project?

Hi, thanks for your reply. It is not an import. The Trumpet and Trombone staff labels look nice with these condensing settings (in my opinion :-). In the saxes the staff label includes the 1.2 and is probably not a separate editable item. I can’t find anything in the engraving or layout options, or in font or paragraph styles, but maybe someone on the forum has an idea? (I’m trying to attach the project (659kb), but uploading isn’t working. I’ll keep trying.) Thanks!

Here is a wetransfer link to the file, uploading to the forum kept giving an error message.

Thank you!

Would right aligning staff labels work?

It’s not perfectly aligned, but adding a few non-breaking spaces after the name pushes the number over to the right. I don’t have your font installed on my system, but it ends up looking like this:

Obviously the names have to match exactly for Dorico to combine them, so whatever you do to the Alto 1 name has to be duplicated in Alto 2.

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Thank you Fred! That’s a clever workaround with those non-breaking spaces! I can’t get it to line up perfectly with my font, but it is better already. Guess it’s a feature request for a future release then :slight_smile: @dspreadbury Thank you for the quick responses you all!