Can I load a project template on an existing project?

For ex… I have a great session going but wannt load up that string project template I saved.

Can this be loaded into my existing project instead of only having to start a brand new one and how?

No a template is just a starting point for a new project.

However you could create a new project using the template. Then open both that project and the one with your great session in Cubase at the same time. Now you can drag stuff from the session into the new project.

Thanks … yea i figured that was the case.

Sometimes we have a certain vst configuration and it’d be nice if we were able to load those into existing projects.

If you are using Instrument Tracks (but not Rack Instruments) then you can save them as Track Presets.

You can always “export selected tracks”

This is a great idea! thank you this is exactly what im looking to do.

Thank you! Great advice!