Can I make a Key command for a Fade In_out?

When I need to edit an event I know how to trim and move it, but once the event is the place I want to fade it fast and accurate.
I need a key command to make a fade in ( with snap to grid) and fade out. It will help a lot.


Several ways:

  • Set up auto fades so events will automatically fade in/out. Anything away from your defaults you can change and it will show on the events.
  • Adjust fades to range key command. Select the range you want your fade in/out points to each and use the key command.
  • Create a macro which applies standard fade in and out.

thanks but non of those is helping.

option 1 - I need different fade to every event. I need to make it fast and adjustable. no auto.
op 2 - did that. i dont know why but i use the range to fade in, click the A (adjust to range) and plup - fade out all the way.
op 3 - see option 1.

Maybe file a feature request then if you want to duplicate your fade out on fade in and vice versa.

I would ask though, what is it you’re trying to achieve? There might be a different solution to your problem.

wait, before any farther steps…
I read the manual again and op 2 should give me what i need, it just not working properly for some reason.
While using key command A, on the the start of the audio clip, instead of fade in it creates a large fade out along the clip.

What da hell?

Select the range inside your event you want the fade in and out to reach to. By only clicking on a point it will fade in and out to that position.

as I said, it doesnt work as it supposed to. I dont know why.

Where are all the sound editors here?

Ive got one kc assigned to progressively fade in on selected events; another for increasing the fadeout times (you could combine them into a single macro). Most of the time I will use the range tool and ‘fade to range’. If you need precise times, don’t forget the fades are adjustable from the infoline…

if your fade to range kc isn’t fading in but fades out instead, you probably aren’t covering the front of the event with the selected range, or maybe there are a few overlapping events which is always confusing.

I have Increment Fade-In Length & Decrement Fade-In Length assigned to a key command so I can just adjust fades as needed on an event.

I will check this option

Yes the increment and decrement fade KCs are the way to go.