Can i make changes to one midi clip and have them automatically set to copied parts as well?


Long time Cubase user, but i have never been able to find out about this. It’s the one feature that i truly miss from my old school days in Fl Studio; the ability to change one clip/part/pattern and in doing so, also changing the same copies elsewhere in the project.

So for example: i will have a clip with a drum pattern, and i copy that clip 20, 30, maybe even more, times in the project. If i want to change something in the clip, i will have to also replace all those other clips. This is the way i have been doing it for many years and there must be a more efficient way :slight_smile:

I feel quite ashamed. Haha.

Thank you all.

Shared copies are the key, I think. Admittedly, I don’t know how to make a set of ‘ordinary’ copies as shared. OTOH, the inverse is easy (Edit>Functions>Convert to Real Copy).

So, I would erase the already added copies and use the Edit>Functions>Repeat command and be sure in the appearing Repeat event dialog, that the Shared copies option is ticked, this time…

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Thanks, i didn’t know about shared copies. Will give it a try today!

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