Can I make default selection "Overwrite"?

On PC, when I exported a PDF (which I do sometimes hundreds of times a day, if there are tons of edits), if I was overwriting an existing file, I got a warning dialog. I pressed Enter to overwrite, and this is now part of my habit…

On Mac, the default is “create new,” which is never what I want. So I’m getting tons of files named (1) and (2). And I can’t see that any key combination allows me to select “Overwrite,” which means using the mouse.

Would it be possible to change the default behavior, if desired, to select “Overwrite” as the option?


If you’re talking about exporting to PDF via Command-P, I don’t think Dorico does that on my Mac. I get the dialog. I’ll look at in in the AM, hopefully.

It all works the same as PC. Cmd-P switches to print mode, and Cmd-Shift-E exports current layout. The issue is how to dismiss the popup warning without creating a duplicate file…

Hi @dan_kreider there is an option in macOS (I am on Ventura, so I don’t know if in Sonoma it stayed in the same place) that let you activate the Keyboard navigation, and when the save dialog appears in Dorico, you can switch the buttons with tab, so it would be tab+enter for you to Overwrite the printed PDF from Dorico, without the mouse.
As bonus, using this Keyboard navigation option, you can also use the space bar instead of enter to confirm the actions: so the tab to switch to the desired button and space bar (or enter) to confirm the desired action. In Dorico the button will switch with a full blue color, in other apps/dialogues, the tab switching will visualise a blue contour around the button that is not the default one, that you can then confirm with the space bar.

Hier the option:

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Here is a video with some infos about using the tab.