Can I make the Audio Performance Window permanent?

can I make the Audio Performance Window permanent?

Right click it and set it to be always on top, or you can add it to the Transport at the bottom or the Toolbar at the top of the project window.

Please keep in mind that the Audio Performance meter has been revamped for Cubase 12, and it doesn’t show the same information as previous versions.

I see. So is the performance now based on individual tracks now and not project based? The reason I ask, is that the performance meter shows diff ent values depending on the highlighted individual track. Or is something not right?

The meters show the performance of the entire system. The reason the values change depending on what track you select, is that the selected track(s) gets armed automatically as per your preferences. This moves the VST processing from the ASIO Guard to the real time engine and as by such, changes the processing load on your system.

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I don’t understand completely. What do you me by armed automatically as per my preferences? I tried inserting an empty audio track and selected it, and also receives an asio guard peak just the same, as when I select a different track with effects on the inserts. Why does asio guard peak, when the selected track is empty without effects or anything? Sorry for my confusion.

You have the Enable Record on Selected XYZ Track setting(s) turned on.

Whenever a track is armed (record enabled) the audio is processed in “real time” to allow for the lowest possible latency. Non-armed tracks does not need real time processing and is therefor handled via ASIO Guard that acts like a buffer to free up more resources for time critical computation.

Unless you’re experiencing issues with ASIO performance I wouldn’t pay too much attention to these meters.

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I think, I understand, but I just don’t like, that asio guard is already up 3/4 in a completely empty project except to tracks. But maybe that’s normal…

@rumlee turn off the option to record arm on selected track in Cubase preferences.

There is no need to have it on, you only need it if your recording/play midi into a VSTi for example. What it is doing is bypassing ASIO guard and putting cubase into a low buffer record mode for the selected track.

I have it turned off in preferences and i manually arm tracks myself when needed. For me its only when i want to record something not when i select a track because most of the time I’m mixing,

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