Can I make this look more like my wavelab 8.5 setup

I just opened wavelab 9 for the first time. I feel like I"m in a foreign country. Is there a way to make the layout more similar to the wavelab 8 layout I’m familiar with?

Hi …

Maybe begin by going to “Tool Windows” and progressively closing each one that you would prefer not to see in your workspace.

Then rearrange the remaining tool windows to a screen and position to taste.

I personally like meters to be on a separate screen but that’s a matter of preference only.

One of the great things about 9 is its flexible configuration.

It can be a very sparse set up.

Hope this helps.

Could I suggest you try using WL 9 as it is set up for a few days. Once you get used to the ribbon and what it can do to speed things up you will not want, IMHO, to go back to WL 8.5

Just a suggestion.

Yeah, I hate to be that guy but I think if you give WaveLab 9 a chance you’ll never want to look at WaveLab 8.5 again.

I don’t miss it at all.

It just tics me off. I have 3 people using this and now I have to waste a bunch of time not only learning this entirely new window with all new symbols, but I also have to teach my other people. So I just paid Steinberg money to waste several days of my time and workflow. Not only that. Now we have a greater chance of making an error that could cost time and money. Why couldn’t they just add the new features but leave the look alone!

I think there were a lot of complaints that WaveLab 7 and 8 looked too different than WaveLab 6 so some effort was made to get back to the original concept where audio files and montages are not so separated.

I don’t know any tricks personally for making WaveLab 9 look more like 8.5 but am happy to answer any specific questions.

I usually don’t like change either but I would never want to go back 8.5 after using WaveLab 9.

I find Wavelab 9 far preferrable to 7 or 8. Give it a try… You may find you prefer it as well in the long run.

One simple look at the 5 minute introductory video of WL9 before purchase would’ve made the new look and layout perfectly clear. Sorry, but this type of blaming ticks me off.

I was never a fan of WL 7 or 8. I liked WL 6. When I first got WL 9 it looked a lot like WL 6 with the ribbon. One day of working with it and I was hooked, PG has done an outstanding job, IMHO, with the interface and it is so fast it amazes me. I have to teach this to my interns and they pick it up quite quickly. I suggest again that before condemning it you live with it for a full day and watch some of the GREAT tutorials on YouTube. Just my two cents worth.

I have been living with it since launch - and granted - I use it less than I used to - but I still find 9 to be rife with ribbons and toolbars everywhere that quite often - I have no idea on what toolbar or ribbon I am clicking on applies to what window.

I spent about 20 mins the other day trying to figure out how to close a file.

Clearly I need to modify my main work spaces and look at the tutorial vids again.