Can I make triplet "3" invisible?

I am copying pieces by Bach from a well-known book in order to transcribe them for another instrument to play.
Among all the triplets in the screenshot, one is not actually a triplet: the first one, on m.19.
This faux-triplet is a common usage in this book. I would like to simply erase the “3” in the m.19 “triplet”. I don’t care if it disrupts the music since I’m not going to record it or play it back for any listener. Is there any way to get rid of the “3” and its bracket in this faux-triplet?

Select it, open the lower zone, activate the Bracket property so that it shows as “No bracket”, activate the Digit property so that it shows the “No digit”.
Hope this helps.

As @Michele_Galvagno1 says… set the tuplet properties:

Looking as bar 21 … you can set an Engraving Option to hide the repetitive tuplet signs automatically.
Engraving Options>Tuplets>Repeated Tuplets…

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Now that is cool trick! Well done!