Can I make "x" noteheads produce no sound?

I’m working on a piece with extended techniques. Can I make it so using various non traditional noteheads will not let my VST instrument sound while regular noteheads will? Up till now, I’ve been muting the instrument in the mixer, but I want to be able to hear the instrument when it’s playing “normally”. Thanks!

You can suppress their playback in the Properties section (lower zone). I can’t remember but you might be able to filter them all and do it in one go.

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Yeah, I know about the suppress playback thing by greying out notes (which is what I’m doing now), but curious if there is a way to just set it and forget it. This is because I also often use suppress playback when I’m working out variations, etc, and it can be hard to keep everything straight.

No, there’s no way beyond using the Suppress playback property.