Can I mark multiple tracks for recording automaticly?

is it possible to mark multiple tracks for recording or mark them via midi?
Usecase is live or rehersal situation where I want to be able to record the session while playing. I have tried to save the project with the desired tracks marked for recording but if I open the project again the marks are gone. I would like to be able to record the whole band (14 tracks) and it would be very laborious to switch every singe track to “record” while playing live…
Thank you in advance!
Cheers, Rainer

Just tried with It does keep record enable states for tracks when re-opening, and sure you can enable multiple tracks.
Also note the Song End Action can be set to “Start next Song and record”, so you can continue recording while Songs are switching.
Finally, there is now also a “Record Main” function in the Main output channel. This records that output to an audio file regardless of Transport state (so, even in stop mode so to capture announcements, applause etc) until you disable it.

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WOW! That sounds amazing! (When) is 10.40.652 available?
Cheers, Rainer


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