Can I mix Legacy remote with new Midi Remote to edit Inserts?

hi guys!

im having fun with the new Midi Remote…
Does anybody know how to make a button open a specific insert plugin on selected track?
I could do this with the old Generic Remote, but i cant find the option in the new Midi Remote.

I tried to mix the old and the new one, but it doesnt work here…

Anybody tried this?


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Do you mean to open the GUI of the plug-in?

This is not possible via scripting. You can do this in the Mapping Assistant.

i cant find the option to open insert GUI’s in the Mapping Assistant, where is it? :slight_smile:

right now im using the older Generic Remote with the new one, it works great.

for now haha

I don’t think there’s much of an implementation for Inserts in the new MIDI Remote.

As a result, I also keep using the Generic Remote for all of my Insert related needs.

And yes, I’ve also liberally mixed assignments via the new MIDI Remote and the Generic Remote. The important thing is not to assign a midi message to a command in the MIDI Remote if it’s to be used by the Generic Remote. Assignments in the MIDI Remote prevent that MIDI message from going anywhere else.

With some hardware control devices, one can select different midi channels for each hardware control. When that’s the case, I’ve used different midi channels: e .g.

  • MIDI channel 1 controls end up being handled by the new MIDI Remote, and
  • MIDI channel 16 controls end up being handled by the Generic Remote.
    • Side note: I also filter MIDI Channel 16 from going to any tracks, since assignments in the Generic Remote do not preclude the same MIDI message also being received by a MIDI Track, if the sending hardware is included in “All Midi Inputs” and the track is using “All Midi Inputs”.


You can use the new MIDI Remote. If you make an empty page, this will pass the incoming MIDI data to the track the common way.

I’m not sure if this would pass the data to the Generic Remote too.

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Thanks martin, this is what i also do…

But it also works when you dont assign anything in a page, the commands then seem to go through to the Generic Remote too


thanks Nico5,

you mean filter it in the main preferences?

I can see SO much potential with this new stuff, open plugins, inserts, control vsti etc etc

Maybe even load a plugin into a slot with a knob so you dont have to pre-load, possibilities are endless

Thanks for doing this Steinberg, it must have take a lot of time and effort to get this right


I believe the feature is in the development and all these will become part of the MIDI Remote sooner or later.

yes exactly.

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The new MIDI Remote has been loudly positioned as a replacement and improvement for the Generic Remote, but it is still nowhere near feature parity with the Generic Remote.

So I really hope that these improvements will be delivered without major bugs before the next paid upgrade. – Anything else would feel quite cynical.

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If you use several controllers you could dedicate one to GR and another one to the new MIDI Remote.
Best of both worlds …

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You don’t have to.

Mixing MIDI Remote and Generic Remote on the same controller works just fine and therefore allows more flexibility than having to split across multiple controllers.

I have multiple controllers and split all of them between the MIDI Remote and the Generic Remote.
Even better of all worlds…


Thanks @Nico5. That’s great to know.
I thought they were exclusive. I will have some time to spend next week to try that.

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I guess you missed my post a little earlier in the same thread, where I explained that it works - and some additional tricks I use?

It seems Cubase suddenly not remembering Generic Remote templates…
The lower half is not saved, and is blank when re-opening Cubase.

This seems to be an older bug, anybody had this problem before?

Im gonna try some export/import trickery maybe that will help…

EDIT: I did not rename all the entries, i have to give each command a different name or Cubase doesnt save/export them. It saves the template now correctly! whooohooo
I also copied the xml, changed it manually and saved as another copy, then imported that.

I did indeed!
Shame on me :face_with_monocle:

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It’s not a bug. You have to use unique names and midi data for every input in the top field. Duplicates are not alowed.