Can I move a previous Cubase Licence to another computer

Hi, I’m getting nowhere trying to find how or if i can do this… Other topics have not been responded to.
I have cubase 11 Elements , with a usb licence. All on a mac
I upgraded to cubase 12 elements.

  1. How do i uninstall cubase 11. Must i first remove the licence and then drag the icon to the trash ?
  2. Because i upgraded, can i use cubase 11 with the usb on another computer ? I imagine that i also have to un-register my liscense as well as removing it using the e-liscenser control centre. and then add a licence and re-register it…
    can’t remember where i’ve seen the process listed.

if i dump cubase 11, i hope all my common settings are left intact, like flagging all my favourite in Halion… and all my purchased stuff for Halion and Groove agent ?

The Cubase install and the license are separate.

You can keep both, just delete the one you don’t want from the Applications folder.

Yes. Plug the USB dongle into the desired computer. No other action is needed.

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