Can I move my Cubase 11 pro Dongle License to Soft E Licenser?

Good day all… I have Cubase 11 Pro… Is there a way to move my Dongle License to the Soft E Licenser? THis is as all new Steinberg products have moved away from the dongle. It would be great if this is an option for someone like myself.


I’m sorry, this is not possible.

It is impossible (as Martin already explained). The server shutdown will be in place next year, so I don’t think is wise to keep a license in a soft Elicenser. In fact, people running software from soft elicenser should move all licenses to a key before it is too late.

Ok Thanks… So what would be my solution? To move the license to a normal USB Key? … If so, is this possible or would the only option available to me would be to update to Cubase PRO 13?


After switching the server off:

  • USB-eLicenser can be used at any computer until the USN-eLicenser works.
  • Soft-eLicenser can be used at the given system only. You cannot reactivate it to another system.

You can move your Cubase 11 licence to a USB eLicenser (the only sort of USB key that is supported). Alternatively, you can upgrade to Cubase 13, which uses Steinberg Licensing.