Can I mute the lower layer but keep the color?

I just want to hear the sound of the upper layer I am editing, not the bottom layer whose colors are guiding the editing of the upper layer. Can this be done?

Did you check the manual?

I’m afraid you can’t do that directly, as SL is “what is you see is what you hear”.

One trick you can use though, is to copy the layer you don’t want to hear, and invert its phase/polarity (the icon next to the volume control of the layer). This way the copy will cancel the audio from the original, but both will still have their spectrum visible (as long as you don’t check “Composite View” in the Display Panel).

Could you go into more detail for a beginner?

Step 1:

Step 2: Duplicate the layer

Step 3: invert the polarity of the duplicated layer

And there you have it, those 2 layers cancel each other in the audio mix, but are still visible in the spectrogram

Will try it… (the colors work good, but would be great if could silence my ‘template’) thx

Works perfectly. Thank you Robin.

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Hi Robin, Is there a way to apply editing settings of a later to an earlier version of a file?

What kind of editing settings ?

Spent the day learning my idea was a dead end. Thanks for help with this incredible program.

Could the data in the history of amplifier and eraser brush edits be saved and applied to a different file?

I see in the manual “duplicate current state, and delete the selected actions, and following”… wow that sounds like what i need…