Can I open frozen tracks without the vst?

Quick question:
At work I have a project (in Cubase 7.07) where I use NI’s Kontakt 5.

Can I freeze the channels and take the project home and hear the frozen tracks even though I don’t have Kontakt 5 at home?

I run Cubase 7.06 at home i think.

I should be able to do this, right? I need to add some guitar to this project tonight, and have way better options for that at home than at work. But I also have a deadline tomorrow, so I don’t want to take any chances.

The freeze option is by far the quickest way to do this for me, rather than doing an audio mixdown.

or you can just export your instrument track to a single audiofile and import it to your project at home.

Yeah, but I needed to see the midi data as reference as well, so the fastest way to do this was by taking the whole project with me. But elsewise that would have worked.
I just ended up exporting the instrument tracks and importing them to new audiotracks in the same project.

So did you not additionally freeze the tracks just to see if that would work?
(If it hadn’t worked, you had as you said exported the tracks in order to import them as a reserve)